Concrete Ready Mix

 Known for our bright orange and yellow mixer trucks, Whitewater has been serving the Grand Valley and the surrounding areas with premium ready mix products for over 70 years. We can proudly say over 4 million cubic yards of concrete have been produced since the 1950's. Our concrete ready mix products are made from our crushed and washed aggregate and sand produced from our crushing facilities. We can specialize an order to fit any need from commercial or residential  interior/exterior, color, or stamped design mix.   


For more information, pricing, or contractor referrals please contact our main office.


To schedule a concrete ready mix order please contact our ready-mix dispatch.  


Concrete Blocks

We supply concrete block that are great for retaining walls, barrier fence, counter weights, or storage bins. All block are 2' wide, 2' tall, and vary from 2', 4', or 6 foot in length. We offer plain or two different patterns (random stone or off-set block). Please call for pricing, questions on quantities, or inquires on delivery.